Our Team

For over 15 years, this dynamic duo worked together creating many successful sales and marketing campaigns for a major corporation. In 2008, they joined forces again, using their sales and marketing experience as a manufacturers’ rep team.  Spectrum Rep Group LLC was founded as a result of the need for businesses and individuals to have knowledgeable and responsive representation at QVC.   As the world of television and on-line sales and marketing continues to evolve at QVC, Spectrum Rep Group is equipped to provide its clients with outstanding service, support, education and high quality representation throughout the entire experience.

Diana UrbineDiana Urbine, Executive VP Sales and Broadcasting, has over 18 years of experience at QVC between working as an on-air guest personality and as a manufacturers’ rep.  Her background includes over 16 years in corporate and retail sales and marketing. In her tenure at QVC, Diana has represented many long standing successful brands both as an on-air presenter and as a manufacturers’ representative. She has worked with companies domestically and internationally to help them build their products and brands on QVC. Diana has fostered relationships within QVC that are instrumental to the success of the business. Her knowledge and experience of the QVC processes and expectations is a major benefit to clients. When you have questions about the process, you know that Diana can give you the answers or at least know who to go to for the right answer. Seasoned and experienced in all aspects of live television production, preparation and presentation, Diana is dedicated, organized, responsive, detail oriented and will serve as a key contact throughout your entire QVC experience.
Patricia WagonerPatricia Hook, VP Sales and Product Development, has helped hundreds of companies make their decision about pursuing the QVC opportunity. From the one product company to multi-million dollar corporations, if you are interested in learning about how QVC works and what it takes to get your product or brand on QVC, she will get you started and on track. Patricia has over 20 years of business development experience and as a Manufacturer’ Representative is constantly searching for great products and brands throughout the world for QVC. Patricia is instrumental in orienting and educating potential clients about the ins and outs of QVC. Patricia has owned her own advertising business as a graphic designer for over 15 years and has keen eye for detail and product promotion. She is also a former employee of QVC where she worked as a Senior Designer/Art Director for many years. Her connections and knowledge make her a wealth of information to prospective clients. In addition to business development she is also an on-air guest in the  inspirational and garden category.

On-Air Support and Technical Services: Spectrum has a network of talented team members who support Spectrum clients with their broadcasting and on-air experiences. Our team plays an important role in making sure products are setup properly before each live on-air sell and that the on-air guest is ready for their presentation. The on-air support team is educated on all the technical aspects of each product and presentation in order to best serve our vendors and help them achieve the best outcomes possible. They also work behind the scenes to ensure that producers and staff understand the rundown for the product and that details are concerns are addressed as quickly and accurately as possible.In addition to on-air support, the Spectrum team has the skills to design and create unique props for items that require them. This service is available for an additional fee, ask for details.